Primal Motion is about optimizing human potential through dynamic movement and healthy living. Biological evolution has bestowed human beings with an incredibly robust, dexterous and adaptive body that is capable of achieving the most remarkable accomplishments. We can run far, we can run fast, we can lift heavy things; we can swim, climb, contort, swing, juggle, jump, dance all because of the marvel that is our body.

Utilising the same biological mechanisms that we developed throughout our evolution as a species we aim to make you as efficient as possible. This means that you move more, expend less energy, suffer less injury and live a happier and longer life. 

Primal Motion aims to maximise your body’s performance potential by enhancing neural function; postal and mechanical alignment; joint cohesion and mobility; functional strength, stability and agility through progressive movement education. 

Thus, ultimately allowing you to perform daily tasks with ease, to work pain free and/or participate competently and competitively in athletic and sporting activities.


It's about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come.
- Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Optimal performance is dependent on movement potential and movement potential is dependent on mobility.

Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable, pain-free motion available at each joint segment in the body. Your potential to move with fluidity and to produce force is reliant on how well your joints articulate and communicate with one another and how much range of motion that they can access.

Primal Motion aims to expand your movement capacity by progressively increasing your joint range of motion and the pliability of your connective tissues through the use of isometric and dynamic mobility drills, poses and movement specific challenges.

To enhance performance output and movement mastery you need to move efficiently and economically, in other words you must exercise control throughout the entirety of your movements.

Increasing your proprioceptive awareness will facilitate improved neuromuscular control and result in more fluid flowing movement, balance and co-ordination thus ensuring less adaptive compensation, energy expenditure and injury.

Primal Motion will promote movement control via segmental and global joint mobility drills, neuromuscular feedback and proprioceptive balance tasks and dynamic primal movement sequences.

Your biological heritage has provided you with the capability to move heavy loads and produce force and acceleration. However, in today’s modern and artificial environment the daily need for the successful use of these skills and systems has been reduced to negligible levels. 

Access to joint range of motion and increased proprioceptive awareness increases the neuromuscular contractile potential of your connective tissues, which will allow you to build strength through all your movement patterns and sports specific positions.

At Primal motion we believe in making use of a variety of techniques and training modalities to progress our clients ability to build strength and handle heavy loads, these include: Calisthenics, Compound lifts and Interval training.

Optimal function and performance of an organism is dependent on the health of the cellular communities that the organism is made of. To live vitally as an organism you need to supply your body with all the nourishment it requires to thrive.

Investing your efforts into various lifestyle factors such as nutritional intake, digestive efficiency, quality sleep, adequate absorption of vitamins and oxygen and emotional intelligence will boost your quality of life and your ability to prosper.

At Primal motion we aim to coach you in not only physical movements but also how to live well for your body and yourselves. It’s a long-term process with boundless benefits to be unlocked through consistent application, awareness and diligent effort. 

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Growing up as an avid sports enthusiast who participated in a broad spectrum of activities lead me down the path that I am travelling today. My natural inclination towards exercise and athletic aptitude has developed into a lifelong pursuit to gain a deeper understanding of human function and performance.

Motivated by my curiosity to discover more about my own movement potential and physical capabilities, I am constantly exploring how to enhance our capabilities as human beings. I have particular interests in evolutionary biology, corrective movement pattern training and movement conditioning.

My aim is to build human bodies that are supple, strong and resilient enough to take on any task that is thrown at them.


My early introduction to human movement was through gymnastics and martial arts, which required me to utilise my body to its fullest extent as well as learning how to control it better. 

As my understanding of the complexity of movement and movement potential developed, my interest in my own bodies capabilities, motivated me to expand my knowledge and explore what I was capable of and how far I could evolve. 

This is where my focus shifted to peak performance, where I took to Strength and Conditioning, High Performance training, Sports Specific training and Calisthenics.

My philosophy is that an individual should be able to move their bodies effortlessly through multiple joint ranges and planes of motion with an emphasis on empowering individuals with the right skill set and knowledge to inspire a healthy lifestyle.