Neurological Calibration
Ever noticed how you use one arm more than the other or got the impression that one leg is stronger than the other or how your postural orientation may differ from the person next to you? These variations originate from within your central nervous system and are based on its impression of the world around you.

Everything you experience is driven by your nervous system. It is responsible for gathering information, processing it and producing a suitable output that best suits your survival needs. Due to life’s wear and tear it may not be receiving enough of this information to see clearly and it starts to allow for compensations.

Primal Motion Personal Training using specific neurologically stimulating drills and exercises ensures that your brain receives as much vital information as possible so that it can arrange your perceptions and calibrate your movements with accuracy and precision

Postural alignment
Many injuries, aches and pains are due to improper postural alignment – even in professional athletes.  Any postural distortion may be contributing to faulty movement mechanics and causing uneven ‘wear and tear’ on the body. This results in over-activation of certain muscles and joints and under-utilization of others and will eventually result in injury.

Primal Motion Personal Training believes that by reducing muscular tension, increasing blood flow and oxygenation one can increase joint range of motion and relieve joint compression which is a vital component to achieving proper realignment.

Joint mobility
Once muscular and postural tension has been reduced it is important to allow the nervous system an opportunity to experience unrestricted movement through the appropriate joints. If these joints have been in a state of compression due to excessive muscular tension or joint misalignment they would have undergone Trans-Neural Degeneration (TND) and become disconnected from the nervous system. This results in poor joint awareness and control which in turn leads to sub-optimal movement and a reduced performance capacity.

To restore function to the joint, it needs to re-establish its connection with the control centre (your brain) through focused and specific movements. This will promote greater joint mobility and establish a greater communication between the joint and the nervous system – a process known as joint differentiation.

Primal Motion Personal Training promotes joint differentiation via isolated joint mobility drills which can be stacked together into more dynamic sequences which promotes greater biomechanical communication and cohesion.

Movement education
Retraining the body on how it feels to move correctly is a key factor in relieving pain, minimising reoccurrences and reducing the threat of injury to other areas.  Many professional athletes continue playing “through the pain” by favouring the uninjured knee, ankle, etc.  In changing how they run, jump and manoeuvre they put immense pressure on the compensating limbs and joints.  A minor injury in one area thus leads to a major one in another.

Non-athletes quite often do the same on lesser injuries and recurring aches but the results tend to be the same – a compounding of the injuries requiring re-education of movement to get the mechanics readjusted.  But the re-education can only be established after we have reduced tension and compression within the system, re-aligned the posture and established greater neuromuscular control.  Involving movements that incorporate multiple joints, ground reaction force, proprioception and your vestibular system to promote cohesive movement accomplishes this.

Sports specific strength and coordination
With a fully functional body, free of restriction and imbalance it is time to make you strong. Using movements that are sport specific, neurally stimulating and require coordination and cohesion from multiple joints Primal Motion Personal Training aims to make you stronger, faster and more potent than ever before!