Our bodies are incredibly sophisticated, living machines comprised of a myriad of fully integrated moving parts, organs and systems.
They are truly an evolutionary miracle.  Of course, the downside of the integration is that one malfunction in any part of the body can lead to complications in other areas that are seemingly unrelated to the untrained eye.  The upside is that Primal Motion Personal Training is acutely aware of the relationships and can work in a holistic manner to bring back equilibrium and superior health.

Primal Motion Personal Training doesn’t treat the symptom – we find the cure.  We listen to each client’s concerns and carefully analyse their situation through various exercises to locate the cause of any problems, aches or pains.  We aim to optimize fluidity and ease of motion to restore your body to its optimal performance level.

Pain Management
Pain, especially chronic pain has a negative and debilitating effect on your quality of life. Pain is your body’s interior alarm system that sends you a signal telling you when something has gone wrong. At Primal Motion Personal Training we aim to turn your alarm off by identifying the trigger rather than just hitting the snooze button.

Corrective  Training
Through use, wear, tear and repetitive daily actions we use certain body parts more than others and we develop asymmetries within our system. The favored systems are flying on broadband and your less favored systems are left on dial-up which leaves you with a connection problem. Primal Motion Personal Training aims to rewire your system so that all your systems are connected and are firing on a high speed bandwidth.

High Performance Functional Training
Each task that you perform whether it be hiking or playing golf will have specific requirements for you to be functionally efficient at it. At Primal Motion Personal Training we identify these task specific functions and prescribe exercises that simulate the required movements. Performing biomechanically correct movements in a neutrally stimulating way paves the pathway for performance perfection.