The training undertaken with Mark over a 3 month period has helped enormously in flexibility, changing my shape and posture, made me more energetic and helped improve my sleep patterns…In addition to these benefits I also experienced a clearer complexion and an improved diet.

I found training with Mark extremely enjoyable and entertaining. He is a personable individual, with whom I got on exceptionally well with and would certainly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their well being.

 Alison Phillips
Director of Taxation – Inchcape Plc, London

Mark has proved to be one of the most outstanding Personal Trainers that I have met. I have been in the fortunate position of being trained by Mark and I am continually impressed by his unique style, methods and enthusiasm.

Mark always keeps up with the latest personal training trends by continuing to update his professional development; his methods are safe and effective as he has a broad knowledge of Anatomy and Biomechanics. His approach is to bring back equilibrium by making his training sessions functional; whilst tailoring programmes to the individuals needs.

Mark encompasses everything you would expect from a personal trainer, a good temperament, sense of humour and is very clear in explaining the exercises to be undertaken. Although his methods are very challenging, they are; compared to other trainers, refreshing, enjoyable and ultimately rewarding.

On a professional level, Mark has proved to be a valuable and reliable source. I need to be sure that when I refer a client to a trainer, they will receive the highest standard of coaching and advice possible, Mark meets those criteria.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is serious about improving both their health and physical agility.

William Savoy
LCM PTI (Dip) – Sports Massage Therapist
Member Sports Massage Association

Six months into training with Mark my physiotherapist commented that my movement had significantly improved and was remarkable considering the severity of the prolapsed disc.

What impressed me the most about Mark was his professionalism and dedication to his craft.  Mark was patient and took the time to walk me through the science of the exercises that made training with him enjoyable and informative. Mark was also very adaptive and innovative in his training methods.

Mark’s ability to improvise and modify his training methods to suit my needs, was indicative of his understanding of the holistic exercise philosophy and personable approach to his clients. I would, without hesitation, recommend him to you.

Nick Robinson
Corporate communications – BP Plc, London

When I started with Mark it had been a year since I had done any physical activity and I was overweight and sluggish.  The training I did with Mark was very difficult at first, but he was patient with me and the experience was extremely gratifying once I started to see results.

Not only did I lose weight and inches, but I felt better and took pride in the fact that I was making progress every week.  Mark’s training style is holistic and while I developed muscle, he was very careful that I didn’t bulk up too much and that he was addressing issues to correct the way I walked, my posture and my general wellbeing and fitness.  Tips on what to eat were also very helpful as was the insight he shared with me as he studied and completed successive fitness diploma courses.

On a personal note, Mark is a fantastic guy and honestly the best trainer I have ever had.

Marie Giannini
Group Communications Manager – Inchcape plc, London

Over the 18 months of training with Mark I improved significantly in my ability to perform athletically and got greater satisfaction from my running. I had improved my flexibility, core strength and stamina and also felt like I was moving more efficiently and with greater competence.

I found Mark to be dependable and firm in the delivery of his sessions but developed a great relationship with a caring and compassionate person who has a great sense of humor.

I would, without hesitation, recommend him to you for any and all your training needs.

Katherine Milliken
Lawyer – Inchcape plc, London

The training I did with Mark was both stimulating and invigorating, with a variety of exercises that both challenged and made me appreciate how little in fact I had been doing for years.  Work focussed on building core strength, developing coordination and enhancing perceptual awareness. The variety kept each session fresh and interesting.
I did feel that I made a great deal more progress than I had done when training alone and felt much fitter and stronger after training with Mark. Mark is very personable and was a pleasure to train with. He is good at explaining what is required and offers encouragement with good humour.

I would, without hesitation, recommend him to you for any and all your training needs.

Daryl Goh
Director – Occidental & Oriental Cellars, London

I’ve had several trainers over the years and can easily say that Mark is the best trainer I’ve had. He made sessions fun and varied and clearly gave thought beforehand to each session. His knowledge of body mechanics is excellent and helps assess any problem areas that may need special attention. In the three years that we trained Mark never cancelled a session at the last minute and was constantly dependable. I would recommend him thoroughly – even if he did make me do squats!

Graeme Legg
Senior Agent – Conway Van Gelder Grant Ltd, London