Strength.  Stability.  Agility.  Primal Motion aims to maximise the fluidity and freedom that your body was built to provide – for the entirety of your life.  The underlying idea is to make you as efficient as possible.  This means that you move more, expend less energy, suffer less injury and live a happier and longer life – no matter how many kilometres you’ve already expended on your life’s odometer.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a retired accountant, we are all designed with the same blueprint and physiological capabilities.  What varies is the stimulation we receive and what we do to maintain optimum performance and function.  The athlete needs fine-tuning, calibration and relief from the strains of repetitive exercises. For others, the long hours spent in a sedentary “workstyle” require a counterbalance to the negative effects of prolonged sitting and reduced body movement.


Primal Motion aims to enhance neural function; postural and mechanical symmetry; joint cohesion and mobility; functional strength, stability and agility through progressive movement education. Thus, ultimately allowing you to perform daily tasks with ease, to work pain free and/or to participate competently and competitively in athletic and sporting activities.

Primal Motion is the ultimate tune-up for your body.  We’ll straighten out your dents, oil your joints, lubricate your soft tissue and re-wire your electronics so that you can go further and faster than before with less effort.