Mark Lang is a personal trainer who works with individuals of all ages and levels of fitness – putting together bespoke training regiments for each client based on their specific needs.   Mark brings an intricate understanding of what is required to extract maximum potential from your body, return function to ailing joints, improve movement capabilities, treat pain and correct posture.

Mark has a wealth of practical experience garnered in working at exclusive fitness centres in the United States, London and Cape Town over the last ten years.  He received a BA in Sports Science from the University of Stellenbosch (2004) and a BA in Exercise Science (Honours) from the University of Durban-Westville (2005) and has taken many additional courses over the years to keep abreast of new developments and training philosophies, including:

    •    Speed, Agility and Quickness Training (Sean Surmo) (2004)
    •    Postural analysis and Muscle Balance (Richard Sutton) (2004)
    •    Aqua Recuperation (CALA water foundation) (2004)
    •    Anatomy in Motion, Module 1-4 (Gary Ward) (2008)
    •    Muscle Activation Level 1 (Douglass Heel) (2011)
    •    BBB Body Stress Release (Simone Sittig) (2012-2013)
    •    Applied Movement Neurology Level 1 (David Fleming) (2013)
    •    How to design individualised & condition specific exercise (Dr Eyal Lederman)(2014)

In completing a functional biomechanics course, Mark completely changed his perspective on how multi-faceted human movement is and how far removed we are from achieving optimal movement. Your body is made up of many systems that communicate with one another and react differently when exposed to various demands.  So how do you enhance your body’s performance and improve your health?

Mark specialises in fundamental foundation movement conditioning, with particular emphasis on skeletal biomechanics, soft tissue dynamics and neurological function.  Combining personal experience with continued education, research, experimentation and observation Mark aspires to provide you with the most cutting edge training methodologies available.

If experience has taught him anything it’s that we create our own limitations and they can be overcome with an open mind, a solid game plan and the desire to achieve.